Self-Publishing Resources

Why We Love Self-Publishing Authors

Since launching The Frontispiece in 2015, we have designed over 200 book projects for clients ranging from first-time indie authors to the largest publishers in the world. We love working with all of our clients, but if we had to choose, self-publishing authors are our favorite.

What Is A Book Designer and What Do They Do?

A book designer inhabits a strange world between two large industries: graphic design and publishing. Because they are required to communicate with and anticipate the needs of both, book designers are regularly confused for inhabiting one or the other exclusively. At The Frontispiece, we often get mistaken for a publishing house or a graphic design studio, when we’re actually neither and somewhat both. There isn’t a great one-word embodiment of what it is that we do, but “book designer” is as close as we’ve come. Explaining what a “book designer” is is best done by explaining what it isn’t.

Let’s Not Get Sued! Image Licensing 101

If you’re self-publishing a book, image licensing is extremely important to think about, even before you begin the design process.

Here are some solutions to help keep you and your designer from being sued, and to keep photographers everywhere from starving.

How to Design Your Self-Published Book Cover—Even Though You Really Shouldn’t

Many of us know a person who DIYs everything. If there’s ever a problem, they come equipped with duct tape, a mop bucket, and Windex. They’re scrappy. They save money. And their work is a great temporary fix. It might keep your kitchen from flooding for a week. But anyone can look at a DIY solution and tell it from a professional one.

When it comes to designing a book cover, leaving your duct tape showing can completely delegitimize an otherwise excellent book. DIY design solutions seldom work if you do not already have the appropriate experience and tools.