We make books. We love books.


The Frontispiece seeks to create coherent cover and interior book design concepts that uphold the highest design and typsetting standards while maintaining visual consistency throughout the project. We do not subscribe to the theory that cover and interior design should be handled by seperate departments or even seperate individuals. We believe in books as art objects. Surely, a book cover should be seen as a marketing tool, and a well-typeset book should first and foremost honor the author's words, but to essentialize these elements as fitting only these roles is to limit the magic of the book itself. 

Book design is a critical element in the potential success of any publication. For those without the skills and resources to generate beautiful book designs, there are very few options outside of the traditional publishing model through which to create high-quality work. e are dedicated antiquarians with tendencies towards modernism and simplicity. We understand that design is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, and are therefore committed to collaborative efforts aimed at getting projects completed beautifully and efficiently. 

The Frontispiece provides professional publication solutions to a wide variety of clients. From first-time authors to seasoned publishing houses, and designs ranging from simple book designs to large-scale branding/identity efforts, our small-shop feel in no way inhibits our ambition. If you are looking for intelligent solutions for your book or design project, please contact us.


The Frontispiece was founded in 2015 by Kevin Barrett Kane and Emma Christine Hall and is located in Kansas City, Missouri.




A frontispiece is the illustration preceding the title page of a book. 


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