Books are judged by their covers.

They are cherished for the stories they tell.

We believe that great books deserve thoughtful design, inside and out.

For this reason, our design process involves careful consideration of the contents and context of every book we produce. If you're looking for a design partner for your next book project, contact us.



A frontispiece is an illustration preceding a title page. 





We love books, and understand the passion and commitment it takes to write one. That’s why we actually read every book that comes through our door. We spend the time necessary to get to know you and your content in an effort to build literary and informed book designs.

The Frontispiece seeks to build coherent cover and interior book design concepts that uphold the highest design and typesetting standards while maintaining visual consistency throughout the project. We believe in the power of books as art objects. 

We provide extensive publication solutions to a wide variety of clients. From self-publishing authors to large publishing houses, and designs ranging from text-heavy novels and prosaic works, to complex textbooks and coffee table books, our small-shop feel in no way inhibits our ambition.

We understand that design is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, and are therefore committed to collaborative efforts aimed at getting projects completed beautifully and efficiently.